Parking Day 2018!

Our parklet is open for #ParkingDay2018, Happy Parking Day, celebrated each year on the third Friday of September! This concept, a park in place of a parking spot, was the brainchild of Rebar, a design studio working at the intersections of art and activism. Paying for a couple parking spots in San Francisco in 2005, became the initial spark for PARK(ing) Day, a worldwide movement to challenge and repurpose urban space by temporarily transforming metered parking spaces into public parks.

The Parking Day program has seen massive success, creating dozens of new public spaces across the city of San Francisco and celebrated far and wide from Ames, Iowa to Accra, Ghana. Parking Day is an awesome opportunity for business to flex their creativity each year. We had fun creating our parklet, partnering with local businesses, and enjoying others’ parklets as well.

If you’re wandering around the North Division, come by and play some giant Jenga! We’ll be in North Division outside the Crepe Cellar all day from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thanks to our event partners for providing the following: Plants by Panoramic Farm, chair by Maglin Site Furniture, and turf by Forever Lawn. Also thanks to NCASLA (North Carolina American Society of Landscape Architects), Center City Partners, AIA  Charlotte (American Institute of Architects), and Urban Design Partners!