Morehead Rock Excavation

Excitement at the Morehead Ridge Rock Excavation

The Morehead Ridge Rock Excavation is proving to be thrilling. This video is from one of our project team’s site visits. The E.C. Griffith Company is planning to build up to 280 multifamily units on the 17.8-acre tract at West Morehead Street and Suttle Avenue, between Morehead and Freedom Drive. It’s adjacent to the area behind Pinky’s Westside Grill.

The site has approximately 70’ of fall, which required deep excavations into the existing rock. The site balance was more cost effective than raising the elevations to bridge the rock and avoid using explosives. The site plan consists of three main apartment buildings with surface parking, as well as two townhouse-style buildings that would be constructed on West Morehead.

Part of the plan includes granting a portion of the site to Mecklenburg County for future greenway access and would give the creek that runs through the site to the county for restoration.

Thank you to Fred Griffith of Griffith Real Estate Services for providing us with this video!