Albermarle Building Renovation Honored with Award in Raleigh

Extensive renovations to The Albermarle Building were recently recognized by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA).

ColeJenest & Stone coordinated with LS3P Associates LTD to manage civil engineering and landscape architecture for this massive project. The 1970 Albermarle building is 11 stories tall and 193,000 square feet. Aside from the need for an exterior update, the building contained asbestos and lacked proper fire safety systems. The state of North Carolina opted to renovate it instead of demolishing, leading to this $44 million project.  

The renovation was recognized with the 2018 Imprint Award by the DRA. Imprint Awards are given out during the annual State of Downtown Raleigh event each year to recognize development projects for their investments in the city’s core.

Preserving the existing building saved about $40 million, according to the state. The work included re-inventing the interior workspaces and adding fire, alarm, and data systems improvements. The building is also now accessible by persons with mobility challenges.

The exterior now features outdoor seating, a new entrance plaza, and an improved streetscape. See a before picture.

Special thanks to Barnhill, the general contractor. The CJS team is pleased to have been part of this exciting development in downtown Raleigh and look forward to working on future projects to help shape the city!